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Having interviewed some of the top legends in online business I get to the bottom of why they are more successful and what makes them stand out and succeed where others have failed.

What they reveal will change the way you think about online business building.

"There's some seriously powerful information in these recordings, that could even change your life."

Keith Prukiss

"To get all of these guys to agree to be interviewed and to sell the interviews is both a formidable task and a stroke of mastery a 1 on 1 session mentoring with just one of these guys would cost a fortune.."

Robert Corrigan

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From: The desk of Richard Butler, Barcelona, Spain

Re: The Success Secrets of Millionaire Marketers Revealed

Can I ask you something?

Have you ever wondered what made some people successful with their online business, while you kept struggling?

I am guessing you have seen people rise through the ranks of the online world to becomes successes, living the life that you want.

I bet you, like me, tried every single way to make money online and you encountered failure after failure, heck you probably even tried launching a product, but it was always "them" who made more money, or who had the 5 figure launches.

What was it about these people who were more successful?

Let me tell you that I have been there and tried that. 5 years later I was still in the same place, the only thing that had changed was that I had spent more money than I had earned, I had less confidence in myself, and I cursed "them" who were making it big and living the way I wanted.

I Started Thinking

"They" held some sort of secret power, they were more intelligent than me, or that they had more skills.  

I then started to think there was a secret group of marketers that wanted one world power to control our purchasing ... Once I started thinking that I thought "hold on that's going too far!" 

The Typical Online Journey

People are looking for a quick solution to their long term problem.  

They have an outstanding debt that needs to be paid off, they have rent that needs to be paid, they have a bill that needs to get paid or else.

They go out seeking the money they need online.  They find a site that promises them that this online stuff is really easy, anyone could do it, heck even an 8 year old made money using this new method.

Or there's the one about the software that can generate riches overnight.  

There's even a testimonial from John Doe who was on the breadline, living in his car which was about to be towed away.  But wait he found "the solution" and started to work thru the 3 step process that has now allowed him to live the life of his dreams. 

Queue images of a luxury house with pool, at least 3 flashy cars, or pictures of all the exotic places he has visited.

Damn it, his life changed using this process so could yours right?  And the product is just $37 but there's 90% off until midnight tonight, after that it goes back up to $997.

You've heard all this right?  You've probably even been there, you know that feeling, when you think you have just stumbled on the next big thing that could make you rich?

Look it's not your fault, I promise you it is not, and in fact it might not even be the fault of many of the gurus!  Yeah bit of a contradiction there right?

What Others Have Said

"If you has ever tried to make money online and failed then I recommend grabbing this series of interviews that Richard has made with some of the world's top internet marketing experts.

I have to admit I don't usually listen to interviews, but I started off just listening to one of these to write my review and ended up making a detailed plan for 2017!

There's some seriously powerful information in these recordings, that could even change your life.

I have personally bought two coaching courses from one of these experts and it was a substantial investment.

I think Richard must have missed a couple of zeros off the price so I recommend grabbing these quickly while you can."

Keith Purkiss


Image 1

"I really enjoyed the interviews, Richard and found some great bits of info, a lot are invaluable to people starting out.

For example Alex says have daily goals and don't focus on the money all the time. I wonder how many get into IM just for the money they think they will make."

Image 1

Mandy Allen


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What Makes Me An Expert?

Ok at this point you're probably asking how do I know about this? What makes me qualified to be even talk to you?  I've been there, over and over again to be honest.  Yeah you won't hear that in too many videos!

But yeah I got caught up in the hype as well, and got burned. It was not until I had to submit financial papers that I finally realised how much I had actually spent on Internet marketing goods.  It shocked me, but you know I kept spending even after I realised how much I had spent.

I decided that I would no longer buy into the hype - I would take a careful and considerate look at each product, evaluate it and then decide if I would buy it.

Turns out that instead of becoming a person who bought shinny object after shinny object, I actually became an investor

I saw a product and thought to myself, right now I don't need that but definitely in a few months I will need it, and for today only it was on special offer, so I had to get it in order to save a few dollars. After all better I get it now for $67 rather than in a week and pay $297

You see what was happening? I was fooling myself, I was still on shinny object syndrome.

It's 'Their'Fault
not mine right?

I took a good look at myself and knew this had to stop, but of course it was not my fault right? It was "their fault" they made me buy the products with their persuasive sales page.  

I was lying to myself, it was not their fault, in fact some of the products were actually really good, and some of the results were indeed possible. But how come I could not get the promised results?

After all there were people who were like me and now they were earning thousands a day.

I started to think is there something different about them?

  • Maybe they were better educated than me?

  • Maybe they were born business people?

  • Maybe they had more luck than me?

Maybe, maybe, maybe..

My life was full of maybes.  I was looking for excuses to be honest. I was looking for a reason as to why I could not be successful, and you know what I believe there was an element of self sabotage, I was purposely buying things, overwhelming myself with information

Heck these guys were not more intelligent, not more business savvy, neither where they luckier than me.

This had to stop.

Finally I thought I had to get to the bottom of this for my sake and now yours.  It was time to say no to being just another small cog in the machine, I wanted what these people had..

I Made A Decision

I was going to study the main players in the online business industry and I soon saw that there were three types of people online.

Those who were making money and were good guys

Those who were making money and were not so good guys

Those who were not making money but pretended they were

Now I wanted nothing to do with the last two groups as I wanted to learn real ways of making long term income online and building a business.

I decided to make it my goal to interview 9 experts in 9 weeks and find out why they were successful in their field.

I wanted to know if they were different from me and you? I wanted to know their secrets

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More Testimonials

"I've seen these kinds of offers before, but there was something special about Richard's promise. He not only fulfilled it, he went above and beyond it.

These high quality recordings are addictive. You'll want to binge watch these instead of your favorite show."

Lara Allen  Fabans


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"The way to make real progress in any walk of life is to listen to the advice of people who have gone before you. People who walk the walk not just talk the talk. Which is why I found Richard Butler’s Mastermind 1on1 so absorbing. Richard has interviewed not one or two but NINE marketing legends.

In the video and audio series Richard probe their own business models and gets them to share their triumphs and disasters with him.

The relaxed informal style allow his interviewees to share some golden nuggets on how they have built and run their own online business. To get all of these guys to agree to be interviewed and to sell the interviews is both a formidable task and a stroke of mastery a 1 on 1 session mentoring with just one of these guys would cost a fortune.

Well done Richard you have pulled off a triumph. If you want to learn for the best then I highly recommend that you grab this NOW…"

Image 1

Robert Corrigan


Let Me Make One Thing Clear

I only wanted to interview people who where ethical, who were actually building businesses and who cared about their customers. 

Believe me there are plenty of people online who will tell you how to make money online but not all of those have the best interest of the customer in mind. 

That's not that the type of people I wanted to deal with.


Alex Jeffreys

From being 24 and broke to running one of North America's fastest growing companies

Wales To San Diego

A soft spoken, determined individual, Alex told himself that he would make it, and make it big.  

His story will inspire you when you hear how he now works with serious players and ensures they make serious money.

Upfront & Serious

Alex explains exactly what it takes to build a business.  He started off small like many people.

Discover how he  quickly scaled his business to what it is today.

Amazing advice shows you that you too can do this.

Erik Stafford

Walked away from 3 businesses, deleting customers, lists and products - Why it changed his life

From the heart

Erik believes in living your passion and doing what you love. But this is no throw away, airy fairy comment. 

You will learn about his journey from "living the dream" which he soon came to hate to finally realising what it was he needed in order to not only satisfy himself but also be the best for his clients.

What it takes

You will discover Erik's 5 stages of becoming an entrepreneur and what it takes.

His insights are sincere, honest and thought provoking.  Erik tells it as it is, and shows us how you can even charge $5,000 for one document that people will love!

Intrigued? You should be!

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Mastermind1on1 Success Talks

Tom Beal

Having worked with some of the top business people in the online industry Tom's focus is on business building and helping others achieve

Making today great

Tom is an inspiration to thousands of people.  His motto is make today great, and is something he lives by.  

He explains why you have to fail and what you do next.  The key is to fail faster than others! 

Success Magnet

For the first time ever outside of his mastermind groups, Tom reveals his Success Magnet system.  

This interview will open up your eyes and mind to what is possible and what you may have been doing wrong!

Felicia Slattery

An adjunct lecturer who knew she had a message to deliver to the world. Discover how speaking is your key to success

Speaking is Key

Many people believe they can run a full time business from behind their computer screen.  

Felicia tells us why it is important to ensure that you are an exceptional public speaker - even if you never take to the stage!

Never work after 3pm!

Discover why Felicia never works after 3pm and how this has actually improved her business and life!

No matter what your business is you need to listen and learn why speaking is key!

Invest Now In Your Future Success

Mastermind1on1 Success Talks

Stuart Tan

One of Asia's top trainers and motivational speakers. Stuart discusses what stops people succeeding.

Get It Done!

Why you have to get things done and how to do it.

Stuart discusses strategies for getting over procrastination and moving forward in your business


Discover what NLP is and how it can help.

This interview takes us on a journey of achievement and success.

Invest Now In Your Future Success

Mastermind1on1 Success Talks

Miguel De Jesus

Leading coach to C-Level executives who helps transform companies and individuals to ensure they become the best they can.

Struggle is optional

Miguel is a firm believer that  struggle is optional. Too many people struggle to be perfect when there is no need!

Trying to be perfect can lead you to struggle! There are only two things in life that  have to be perfect - find out which ones!

Stinkin' thinking!

Discover why so  many  people procrastinate, why they  don't achieve what  they  want and why we do it.

Stinkin' thinking can be holding you back!

Reed Floren

Started in business at the age of 13 and has never had a "proper" job. Reed explains how to run an online business.

Business Building

Reed takes us through how he built his online business and the mistakes he made.

Learn what he has to share so you can shortcut your success.

Over deliver

Reed always over delivers, in fact he often offers hundreds of people phone consultations.

Learn how he deals with such a volume of work and why you should be using this strategy.

Scott Paton

Known as the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, Scott talks about podcasting and Udemy course building to gain authority in your niche, while traveling the world!

Building authority

Scott is the king of podcasting and udemy courses.  He has built up his authority in the sector and shows us how you too can do this.

If you want to be taken seriously Scott will show you how.

Job security

Having worked in many jobs and finally realising that there is no job security, Scott took the leap and left it all behind and never looked back!

Discover how Scott manages to travel and run his own business from anywhere in the globe.

Invest Now In Your Future Success

Mastermind1on1 Success Talks

Neil Napier

Serial entrepreneur

Use Your Expertise

Neil used his experience to launch his first product. It was a simple presentation template that went on to make some of his customers thousands.

However he learnt a very important  lesson.

Find a need

Discover why Neil decided that  outsourcing was currently not working and how he tapped into  an unknown market and launched his own service.

He also discovered that asking the right questions is the key to creating your next product.

Let's Recap On Everything You Are Getting

1. |


When I wanted to find out what made people successful, I only wanted to talk to those who were talking the talk and walking the walk.  Believe me there are many who claim to be successful and are not.  I thus weeded out those who did not fit into my requirements and only worked with the best in the industry.

2. |


I know that some people will want to watch the videos and others may want to download them & listen while doing other things.  I have you covered! You can download the high quality MP3 and listen on the go.

3. |


Each speaker has a resource sheet and a list of their services/products that you can check out.  The PDF resource sheet also has an area for you to take notes so that you can refer back to (believe me you will want to take notes as their is pure gold in here!

4. |


Also included in your investment is access to the inner circle mastermind Facebook group where you can meet other go getters that have invested and are ready to take 2017 on!  You can also personally reach out to me to discuss any points in the interviews or seek any help you might need.

Once the 7 day launch is over, the price rises to $67

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Are These Videos For You?

Let's face it, this is not for everyone!  Before you invest please read below and decide if this product is for you. Listen I know it isn't for some people so I want to be upfront and honest with you and hey no hard feelings if you don't fit into the "who is this for" group.  I still wish you the best of luck.


  • Go getters who are willing to learn from some of the top minds in the industry
  • People who want to build a successful business rather than be a one hit wonder
  • Those who are ready to put in hours to build a scalable business
  • This is for you if you finally want to be in a better place this time next year and are ready to stand up and be counted
  • Someone who wants to save over $47 today!


  • This is not a get rich scheme
  • If  you are looking for a new "hack", "loophole", "push button solution" to sell to others, then I am afraid this is not for you
  • If you are not willing to put in some hard work for a few months, then I am afraid you should not invest
  • If you are only looking for something to line your pockets while not providing real value, then I would suggest you move on!

My Guarantee To You

I have worked hard to find the best, most ethical and trustworthy people in the internet business industry. I only work with people who fit my strict criteria of being customer focused and offering the best.

I believe this is the best learning you can invest in if you are committed to build a business. Thus, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase I will refund your purchase within 30 days. Just contact me.


(there is always a PS right!?)

Quick summary of what you are getting:

  • The real deal

    All of the business people I interviewed are the real deal, no fake income claims, no fake pictures, no fake antything. You are learning from the best.

  • Video & Audio files

    Watch them or listen to them, the choice is yours. In the member's area you get the video interviews and the options to download the audio to listen on the go.

  • Mastermind Group

    Talk to me personally via the Facebook Mastermind group - let's connect and network.

  • Instant Savings

    The launch price is $27 but afterwards will rise to $67 so you get an instant saving of $40 right now

Instant $40 saving today

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