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Alex Jefferys

From back of the class to top CEO 

Alex Jeffreys isn’t driven by a passion for money—he’s driven by a passion for helping budding and established entrepreneurs break through the glass ceiling and elevate their businesses to soaring heights.

With his professional and financial goals long since met, Alex Jeffreys’ mission for the future is to help 1,000,000 coaches, consultants, speakers, and other solo-preneurs across the planet attract more clients and multiply their profits without having to sacrifice their relationships with friends and family.

In this interview Alex talks about how his company grew to be one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

*Discover why money should not be a motivating factor in your business

* His 3 step method to building a business

*How he sets his goals

*His number one tip for you

Erik Stafford

The man who shut down 3 successful online businesses

Erik comes from an advertising and design background and has won numerous awards over the years, including several AAF-ADDY Awards and ARDA Awards.

Recently Erik had a turning point in his life and started to reflect on his business. Over the last few years he walked shut down and walked away from 3 very successful businesses and deleted all his lists and fired his clients.

In this interview Erik talks candidly about the 4 stages of being an entrepreneur. He also discusses the three important types of days that you should have to ensure that you stay interested in your business and that it keeps profiting for you.

*How to build your business

*What to do if you leave your job and your business flops

*The best way to extend your reach and get new customers – for free

*The stages of being an entrepreneur

*What the secret sadness is and what you can do about it

Success Talks - audio files

Video/Audio Files

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Tom Beal

From humble beginnings to world class coach

Coming from humble and troubled beginnings, Tom did not let this shape his life.  His aim in life is to put 100% into everything and come out on top, which he has proved time and time again.

In this candid interview we discuss:

*The importance of goal setting

*His 3 step method to making sure anyone can stand out from the crowd

*5 steps to achieving what you desire

*The key opportunities he took to make him successful and how you can do it to

*How to know what product to build that will help build your authority and make you money

Felicia Slattery

From adjunct college professor to world class speaker

Felicia is a sought after speaker and trainer, helping people kill the elevator speech by creating a signature speech.

In this interview Felicia discusses:

*The importance of being able to speak in public even if you have no intention on being on a stage!

*How so many people lose out by not knowing the methods of public speaking

*How to build a team without having any employees!

Biographies & Worksheets

Each talk comes with a speakers biography where you can see their key journeys to success. You also get 7 actionable worksheets for you to take action right away

Success talks - biographies and worksheets

Stuart Tan

Master Trainer of NLP, Leader, Innovator and Coach

Stuart is an international speaker, three-time bestselling author, Master Motivational Coach and serial entrepreneur. He has been a trainer since 1994, over 500,000 individuals and dozens of organisations
across 7 different countries including those in South-East Asia, Australia, China, UK and USA.

He is currently the most experienced and longest-serving Licensed Trainer of NLP, in Asia, of the official Society Of NLP. He is also Asia’s first Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer. He is also certified by World’s #1 Leadership Coach Marshall Goldsmith in his Stakeholder Centered Coaching process.

In this interview Stuart talks about:

*Achievement Vs Success – the importance difference

*Why your comfort zone is not important and which zone is!

*Procrastination and how to overcome it

*5 steps to a more successful life

Miguel De Jesus

Worldclass Coach, Speaker, Leader and Motivator 

A C-Level leader with over 20 years experience, Miguel knows what works. He has worked with top companies, from HR departments to CEOs to help them improve and grow their businesses.

In this interview Miguel discusses:

*The key element that is holding you back from progressing in your business/life

*Why people procrastinate

*How to get your message out to the right people

*How “starts the conversation” that can get you in front of your prospective client

*How to build your authority

Reed Floren

Building his business since age 13!

Reed started his business building at the age of 13, and has never looked back. In fact he has never had a job and as turned down offers of 200k!

In this interview you are going to learn some of the best list building and business building tips from Reed including:

*How Reed does not sell but makes money!

*Contrary to popular believe size does not matter!

*How he automates bonuses via email and how this helps him segment his list with laser focus accuracy

*The number one thing you must do to become an expert

Neil Napier

7 figure business builder!

Neil Napier is the lead of – a website that brings service providers and entrepreneurs together! However this is just one of Neil’s successful businesses.

In this interview you are going to learn some of the best strategies that have helped Neil achieve his success:

*How Neil got to where he is today

*The biggest mistake he made

*How to avoid procrastination

*Goal setting and why it’s important

Scott Paton

The Dean of Blogenomics and Podology

Scott is the undisputed Dean of Blogonomics and Podology!  He has also created and co-created a large number of udemy courses and now has over 40,000 students enrolled.

In this interview Scott shares:

*the top tools that you need – and 99% of them are free!

*why the problem you are having is not lack of information

*how to become an expert (in fact you already are one)

*how podcasting and course creation can catapult your authority score

And much more

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